Tippmann Master color coded o-ring kit W/ 500+ orings by Flasc Paintball

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The o-ring rebuild kit contains over 500 o-rings in a kit built specifically to service Tippmann Paintball Markers!!

The Master o-ring kit comes in a well organized and compact carry case with all the sizing information on the inside label. The Tippmann master kit is designed specifically to rebuild Tippmann Paintball markers, so if you own mostly Tippmann markers then this is the kit for you as it will rebuild anything from the Tippmann 98 to the TiPX to the new Tippmann TMC



Our Color coded o-ring kits make maintaining your marker easier then ever! After the initial installation if an o-ring happens to break or wear down, you only need to open your boxed o-ring kit, and pull out the similar o-ring of matching color, and swap it out. No more measuring, no more comparing stretched used o-rings with pristine new o-rings, no more sizing charts or sizing cones, no more headaches. Spend less time in the staging area fixing your marker, and more time on the field mowing down the opposition!