Tiberius / First Strike T15 color coded o-ring rebuild kit

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Whats Included:
  • Enough o-rings to rebuild your Tiberius T15 paintball marker many times!
    • A compartmentalized carry case to store and organize your o-rings.
      • Our 3x kit will rebuild your marker 3 times and come in a compartmentalized plastic case
      • Our 5x kit will rebuild your marker 5 times and come in a compartmentalized plastic case
      • Our Deluxe kit will include 300+ O-rings and come in a larger more organized compartmentalized plastic case (see pictures)
    • Our Color coded o-ring kits make maintaining your marker easier then ever! After the initial installation, if an o-ring happens to break or wear down, you only need to open your boxed o-ring kit and pull out the matching o-ring. No more measuring, no more comparing stretched, used o-rings with pristine new o-rings, no more sizing charts or sizing cones; no more headaches. Spend less time in the staging area fixing your marker, and more time on the field mowing down the opposition!
    *Our kits include standard round o-rings, unless otherwise specified we do not include square or custom shaped o-rings in our kits.